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Open your home
to Comfort to Security to Energy Savings

Who we are

In Casa das Janelas, the objective is to offer our experience and knowledge to our customers so that they can enjoy a safe and comfortable house and if possible with none energy waste with heat or cooling.


with a "new" idea of what could be a good window that assured thermal confort in a house, we open in 1995 the shop Casa das Janelas in Loulé.

In the last years we create structures to serve our customers. We have also affirmed our will to improve confort of previously build houses that unfortunately were done without any confort consideration for its inhabitants.

It feels that years have been kind to us and to our customers. Today, we are aware that there is only one way of sustainable growth that is to bet on mutual benefit, between all agents that contribute for the instalment of the service.

We open a space in the market and developed specific know-how. Looking into a "window" as a performance element: thermal, saphety, with design, ergonomic; that allows to save energy, noise isolation, and others. This concept give us the credibility and competence in the market. We join competences to integrity of our methods.

In 2007 to better protect our company reputation and good name from less ethical competitors, we changed the name of the shop from "Loja das Janelas" to "Casa das Janelas".


Our activity seats in three main bases:

1.A permanent will to present the best product for the situation intended for the customer.

2.We never stop to improve the competence with more and more work techniques, but on top of all we privilege more the values of honesty and integrity in the relationship with our customers.

3.Vision of the future and development. Investing our energy in preparing a better future for our workers, clients and all people that are part of our universe.